August 11,  2017




Wow! What a difference a week makes. And the proper medication. To say this year has been a struggle for me, is putting it mildly. I was always able to do the things I needed to do in my day to day life, and still have time to devote to our little club and make it the premier quoit club in the area. I’ve never been on the elite level in our hierarchy, but I was always able to hold my own with the sharks. This year, not so much. It seems the shine has worn off of the logo just a little, and the CQC is not what it once was. Call it what you will but the fact is that life must take precedence over recreation. With health, work, and family issues, the time I can devote to quoits this year is limited. It’s been a weird year with a couple of our main members unable to play full time, and interest, in general, is waning. I guess you can say that about quoits in general, as all of the local clubs seem to be on the decline. At the VFW, I see many young folks participating in our sport, but mostly it’s about the cheap beer and not a vehicle for becoming more proficient at the game. I haven’t seen too many young bucks tearing it up against a seasoned veteran of the clay wars. There are always exceptions, but generally speaking, the really good quoit players are getting old. (‘cept for Ant & Jeff) I can see a time when we will have walkers on the clay and paramedics on call when league night goes down. I’d hate to see the sport die with our generation. The core group of players at Colonial is strong. I’d say ten or twelve die hards that will be playing until they pry the steel from their twisted fingers. For this alone, we must go on and show the way.

This week, the home team managed to top the leaderboard for the first time in….forever! Last week at the Hamptons, I was shown the proverbial door as Lauren spanked me twice leading to an Ofer on the night and a spot in the basement of the standings. She played great and I did not and I wasn’t feeling very good about my game. This week, a rebound to the top of the charts. From 0-4 to 4-0 and a ridiculous average. A rebound both statistically and mentally as the fun meter went way up. Yeah, what a difference a week makes sometimes. (and a few more ringers) Next week look for me in the nether regions.

Another strong week from Anthony “The Kid” Immordino gave him the top spot overall going into next week’s hi-lo finale. He went 3-2 with a night high 15 ringers and 11.2 ppg. That earns him the low seed pairing next week, but if anyone can raise the level of a partner, he can. Jeff “Hair Stylin” Onyszczuk had a nice night going 3-1 with 13 ringers and 10.75 ppg. He is short of required games for playoffs, but is one of the favorites to get through the best of the rest tourney.

I can’t fathom a change in the top four, as catching Tony in fourth place will be a monumental task. Ant, Jimmy Mike K, and Tony will, more than likely, have a bye. The best of the rest will probably only be a few matches as our roster numbers are down. Next week’s high low could change a few things, but for the most part we are set. I think we all had a turn at food this year and I thank everyone for their contributions. We will probably do pizza next week and the following week is up in the air. See everybody next week. I’ll bring my walker.


1)    Nick L…………4-0…………………….12.75 ppg

2)    Anthony I….......3-2…………………….11.20 ppg

3)    Jeff O…………..3-1…………………….10.75 ppg.

Player Win Loss Single Points Ringers Doubles Caps Total Points Average
Nick L. 4 0 25 13 1 2 51 12.75
Anthony I. 3 2 26 15 1 2 56 11.20
Jeff O. 3 1 17 13 0 0 43 10.75
Tom M. 2 1 9 9 0 2 27 9.00
Doug L. 2 2 15 10 1 1 35 8.75
Mike K. 2 2 13 11 1 2 35 8.75
Mike C. 2 2 16 9 0 1 34 8.50
Jimmy G. 1 3 13 10 1 3 33 8.25
Tony I. 3 2 13 13 4 0 39 7.80
Jordan J. 2 2 15 5 0 0 25 6.25
Joey S. 0 4 4 5 0 1 14 3.50
Kirk K. 0 3 5 1 0 0 7 2.33