May 19,  2017






Well, I guess it was only a matter of time that things would digress here at Colonial. With all of us getting older, we must deal with the facts of life. Health issues, commitments, Friday nights in general, all factor in to the reality that was Friday night. We barely managed a legal slate of players as only nine members showed this week. We are at an all-time low in our membership with 18 official players. We have a couple of part timers so a sparse roster is not to be unexpected. We are trying to pare down to a lower number than in the past so we don’t necessarily need four pits. However, that means that our rule of not having to play every week will leave us short at times. All I can say is that I would encourage our membership to attend as if it was mandatory so we can have the core of the club here every week. Stuff happens and I realize that priorities will take precedent. I really would hate to see the competition suffer due to a lack of interest. If that will prove to be the case, then so be it. Still having fun and I hope you all are too. Let’s try to get here on Friday’s. It’s only a couple of hours and there is still time at the end of our games to find your favorite watering hole.

The players that we had this week were led by Jim “Heat Pump” Goodwin who led the way with a 2-0 record and 15.5 ppg. He bailed after two big wins but you cannot deny his superb play this week. His big scores put him in the number one position after three weeks. Anthony “Matching Shoes” Immordino got his first defeats of the season going 3-2 on the night. He is solidly in second and I expect a big night from him next week.

This week we had no food and no 50-50. I am hoping for a good showing next Friday and a return to form. Please let me know if you can do food duty so we can eat, drink and be merry. There is a benefit tournament at the VFW on June 24. Anyone interested in playing should sign up soon as they are capping it at 32 teams. There aren’t as many tournaments anymore so take advantage of the situation. Looks like a good time.


1)    Jim G……………2-0…………………15.5 ppg.


Player Win Loss Single Points Ringers Doubles Caps Total Points Average
Jimmy G. 2 0 7 12 2 3 31 15.50
Nick L. 2 3 20 12 0 0 44 8.80
Jeff O. 4 1 24 9 0 0 42 8.40
Doug L. 2 2 22 5 0 0 32 8.00
Anthony I. 3 2 20 9 1 1 38 7.60
Tony I. 2 2 14 8 3 0 30 7.50
Lauren H. 1 3 11 5 1 0 21 5.25
Jordan J. 0 2 5 1 0 1 7 3.50
Tom M. 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0.00