AUGUST 11, 2018



As we end our regular season of play at Colonial, we play our annual in-club doubles tournament. This marks the end of partner matches and ushers in singles play that is the CQC playoff tournament. In year’s past, we held a hi-lo average tournament, but this year we went with a luck of the draw version. Attendance was sparse, as we only managed 10 members. We put together five teams and played it out. All stats would count toward final standings and playoff seedings. Some folks would get only two games in and others would get as many as six. After a draw the teams came out as follows:

Team One: Tony I. and Eddie L.

Team Two: Tom M. and Mike K.

Team Three: Nick L. and Kelli G.

Team Four: Mike C. and Jeff O.

Team Five: Jordan J. and Anthony I.

With club leader Ant I and team mate Jordan J. getting a first-round bye, the matches were on. In match one Tony and Ed got by Tom and Mike K. 21-14. In match number two the team of Nick and Kelli surprised Mike C and Jeff going on to win 22-8. The third matchup had Nick and Kelli winning again against Ant and Jordan 21-10. The fourth match had Nick and Kelli falling short at the hands of Tony and Ed 23-10. That put Tony and Ed in the final. In the loser’s bracket Tom and Mike K. waded their way through murky waters to survive and get to the finals.

In the finals, Tom and Mike K. needed a two game sweep to win it all. They had their way in game number one winning easily 21-4. In the final match it was a little closer but Tony and Ed prevailed 21-14 to take the top prize.

Next week will begin the playoffs as we hold the wild card round of our playoffs, a one and done knockout round that puts the winners into the final eight. The matches scheduled are as follows:

Match One: Mike K. vs. Kirk K.                             Match Two: Tom M. vs. Lauren H.        Match Three: Jeff O. vs. Kelli G.                  Match Four: Nick L. vs. Ed L.

The top four will have the week off. The finals will be held on August 24. As we only have four matches to play next week, we will have a small tournament or money matches afterwards so please come and watch the games even if you are not directly involved.


Player Win Loss Single Points Ringers Doubles Caps Total Points Average
Mike K. 4 2 29 17 2 2 63 10.50
Tony I. 3 1 24 7 1 1 38 9.50
Nick L. 2 2 18 9 0 2 36 9.00
Tom M. 4 2 27 12 0 1 51 8.50
Ed L. 3 1 11 10 2 0 31 7.75
Kelli G. 2 2 6 11 0 0 28 7.00
Anthony I. 0 2 5 3 0 0 11 5.50
Jeff O. 0 2 6 2 0 1 10 5.00
Mike C. 0 2 7 1 0 0 9 4.50
Jordan J. 0 2 5 1 0 0 7 3.50