CQC Glossary (Page 2)

  1. ”Kissin’ Your Sister”…No quoits in play after four throws.

  2.  ”Noonan”…A hex or ill-will towards a thrower before an important throw.

  3.  ”Light Beer”…When a participant shows up without bringing beer.

  4.  ”Swish”…A ringer that does not touch the hub at all-Nothing But-Clay!

  5.  ”Leaner”…A quoit that comes to rest on top of the hub.

  6.  ”Bitch-Leaner”…A quoit that comes to rest on top of the hub with the leading edge dug into the clay in such a way as to make it almost impossible to top or remove.

  7.  ”Hand Flip”…A nervous twitch or odd mannerism before a toss. (See Scott)

  8.  ”Excedrin Headache”…Losing to Scott , Again!

  9.  ”Toilet Wiper”…A ringer that spins around the hub before coming to rest usually  a topper. (See Mark)

  10.  ”Bonehead”…Knocking yourself out of a sure scoring situation by getting greedy. (See Nick)

  11.  ”Checkmate”… The final point of a match

  12.  ”Tamper Tantrum”…This occurs when a player becomes irate due to the lack of cooperation from the losing team in tamping the pits for the next match.

  13.  ”Amnesia”…This occurs, usually later in the evening, when a player can’t remember if he recorded his wager or not.

  14.  ”Lover’s Tiff”…This occurs when team mates are critical of each other during a match resulting in name calling and severe criticism of each other’s ability to throw. (See Mark & Ken B.) / (Ken P. and Anybody)

  15.  ”Zoned”…When a player’s children are in bed and he has a slight beer-induced buzz going, the wife is watching TV and all is well with the world to facilitate the throwing of  4 consecutive ringers.

  16.  "Bombs-Away"... A rare Friday when Brian B. doesn't show up.

  17.  "Choke"...Blowing an 18-8 lead and losing 22-20 (Been there done that)

  18.  "Just Foul"...Chuck B.'s language during a less than stellar performance

  19.  "Too Much Love"...A quoit thrown too deep (See Demeat)

  20.  "Quoit"...A country in the middle east just south of Iraq



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