CQC Glossary (Page 3)

  1. "The Powers That Be"...Dan & Ken (Kris would be the Powers that were)

  2.  "Pity"...What your shoes look like on a particular mushy night

  3.  "Hub City"...Throwing several ringers in a match

  4.  "Bomb Squad"...Brain & Paula showing up with the kids

  5.  "Scott Free"...When Bain and Sheldon don't show up

  6.  "Iron Curtain"...Three henged quoits in front of the pin

  7.  "Browns Mills Flop"...A quoit thrown wildly flipping several times and landing in the pit (see Mark)

  8.  "Pin Head"...When an angled quoit lands directly on the top of the hub and bounces away harmlessly

  9.  "Down Pat"...What you say when Patrick starts throwing ringers

  10. "Dug In"...When Doug D. is closer to the hub than an opponent

  11. "Tink"...The friendly sound the quoit makes when contacting and sticking to the hub (thanks Roman)

  12. "Toby"...A quoit that strikes the pit in front of the hub and flips over for a ringer (see Chuck and Chec)

  13. "Noby"...An unsuccessful toby quoit



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