MAY 18, 2018






With the threat of rain and chilly temps, our week three slate of players was a little lean. In all, eleven players made the trip but we still managed a night of fine pitching and amazing shots. The man of the night, this week, was Mike “Congo” Klidzia who posted a 4-1 record, recording 15 ringers, a double and three caps. His 12.0 ppg. Average put him in third place overall. Anthony “No Hesitation” Immordino was second with a 3-2 mark and a night high 18 ringers, one of which was the shot of the season, so far. In a match that pitted Anthony and Nick L. against Mike K. and Tony Immordino, I saw it but didn’t believe it. With the score 20-18 in favor of Tony and Mike, Tony put his first quoit in front of the hub, close, at a 45 degree angle. After a miss by Anthony, Tony dropped his second quoit behind the hub, hovering, for what looked like a sure two and a win. Tony barely got off the clay when Ant came running up at max speed and line drove his shot into Tony’s front quoit pushing it on for a topper and evening the match at 20. Nick and Ant would go on to win the match, but that was a shot very few people could have pulled off. It was no fluke.

Tom Michaud was in third place with a 4-1 record, 13 ringers and 10.6 ppg. He also cooked for us this week and we thank him for that. We needed to dry up the pits this week due to the inordinate amount of precipitation that we’ve been receiving, but the pits were very playable. We did not need to use Marks' side this week, being one player short of the magic 12 number. Maybe next week. We need a food provider for next week so let me know if you can do it.


1)     Mike K>>>>>>4-1>>>>>>>12.0 ppg.

2)     Ant I>>>>>>>3-2>>>>>>>>11.4 ppg.

3)     Tom M>>>>>4-1>>>>>>>>10.6 ppg.