MARCH 11, 2018





At the time of this writing, I am six weeks removed from total knee replacement surgery. Although the prognosis is good, it has been a slow and frustrating process. I am able to walk but the pain is still there and constant. Pitching a quoit is not yet possible and I have still not been able to return to work. That being said, we are fast approaching quoit season and I felt it necesssary to reach out to the memberhip in hopes of starting on May 4.

First of all, I will need a commitment from all players that plan on returning for the 2018 season. Please contact me in the next week or two and let me know your intent. I'm not sure how many we will have so let me know if you plan to return. Once I have a firm number, we can go about the logistics of the 2018 season. As kneeling down, at this time, is nearly impossible, we will need to manicure the pits and general pit area for play. I usually take it upon myself to get things ready, but this year I will need help from the players. If I can not get the required help from the guys, I can have the pits done by paying someone. That will increase the dues and I was hoping to avoid that. I will set aside a weekend in April that we can get together and groom the pits, paint the quoits and prepare for opening day. I'm sure we can make it a work and play day.

I'd like to keep dues at 60.00 for the year and have members commit to keeping nthe pits playable throughout the year while I convalesce. I am hoping to be able to play on opeming night. This gives me seven weeks to get there. So if you could, send me a text or e-mail and let me know where you are in the scheme of things. Hope to hear from you guys soon.  or 609-540-8533