JULY 20, 2018


    With just two weeks to go in the regular season, we managed only 12 players this week. It was a decent night for pitching and we stayed on my side for all of our matches. The magic number is 34 games for playoffs. At this point we have 11 players with adequate attendance. The 12 spot will be the player with the closest amount of games to the magic number. Right now, that would be Jeff. Speaking of Jeff, he came with the food this week and also brought a can of woop ass! Jeff went 5-0 tossing 11 ringers including a double and a cap. He finished high on the night with 11.6 ppg. Harry Hampton continued his strong play going 1-2 with 12 ringers and 11.0 ppg. Kelli Goodwin had, perhaps, her best outing of the year going 3-2 with a night high 14 ringers including 3 doubles and two caps, She finished at 10.8 ppg.

    Next week will be our last week of regular play as week 14 will be a luck of the draw mini tournament. Some folks have expressed regrets about not being able to make it that night. If we don’t have a feasible number to make it happen, we can push things back a week if everyone agrees. We will play it by ear. August is vacation time and I will try to accommodate our regulars as best we can. We want everyone who earned a spot to be available. Thanks again Jeff for food this week. Next week is open. I think everyone has taken at least a half week so perhaps two half week players can take next week. Let me know.


1)     Jeff O>>>>>>>>>>>>>5-0>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>11.6 ppg.

2)     Harry H>>>>>>>>>>>1-2>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>11.0 ppg.

3)     Tom M>>>>>>>>>>>3-2>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>10.8 ppg.

4)     Kelli G>>>>>>>>>>>3-2>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>10.8 ppg.

5)     Tony I>>>>>>>>>>>>3-1>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>10.25 ppg.

6)     Jimmy G>>>>>>>>>>0-4>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>10.0 ppg.

7)     Mike K>>>>>>>>>>>3-1>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>10.0 ppg.