JUNE 22, 2018







Week eight began with a cool, breezy perfect night for pitching and ended with the rain coming in around 9 pm. A couple of players still needed games but we had to call it at 9:30. Most of the players got their five games in before it began raining in earnest. Due to a scheduling error, we ended up with two folks bringing food, Kirk and Kelli. Needless to say, no one went away hungry. We thank you both for your efforts.

Club leader Anthony “The Man with The Tan” Immordino was the lead dog this week and still maintains a stranglehold on the top seed. He is a full point ahead of his dad Tony and sits at 11.21 ppg. Anything over 10 .0 is considered great back here, but 11 is phenomenal! This week, Ant had a losing record at 1-3, but still fired 12 ringers and an 11.0 ppg average to lead the way. Tom “Get Out of My Way-I got This” Michaud was second with a 3-1 record and 10.25 ppg. After a very long nap, Tony “King of The Sofa” Immordino returned to the CQC and went 4-1 with a night high 16 ringers and 9.6 ppg. “Captain” Kirk Kreutzberg not only brought food this week but had his best outing of the year tossing 10 ringers and showing great signs of improvement. We will see everyone next week!


1)     Anthony Immordino>>>>>>>>>>1-3>>>>>>>>>>>>11.0 ppg.

2)     Tommy Michaud>>>>>>>>>>>>3-1>>>>>>>>>>>>10.25 ppg.