CQC Rules of Play

  1. Hubs shall be 5/8" and placed at a distance of 21 and no more than 2 1/2 above the clay surface

  2. Players shall keep their back foot in line with the hub and are allowed to stride forward while making the throw. One foot must remain completely behind the hub until the quoit is released.

  3. Quoits should not be picked up until an assessment of the scoring is verified by both players on the hub side. If a player picks up the quoits before an agreement is reached, that team forfeits and is penalized the disputed quoits. (max. 4 points)

  4. If a quick agreement cannot be reached, a neutral observer, say the scorer, shall be called in to make the final call

  5. If, at any time, the issue is too close to call, it shall result in a draw and continue to the next set of throws (no doubling)

  6. A throw is deemed a point judged by the nearest visible quoit surface in relation to the hub without any excavating

  7. If both quoits are touching the hub it is considered a draw. (the higher quoit is not superior)

  8. If any part of the quoit is resting on top of the hub, it is Deemed superior to a quoit that is simply touching the hub. If both quoits are resting on top of the hub,  A quoit is deemed superior to another judged by the proximity of the leading edge of the quoit to the center of the hub.

  9. In order for a quoit to be deemed a ringer it must encircle the hub completely. The hub is visually extended looking directly down from above. If any part of the hub is not visible it is not considered a ringer. (judgement call)

  10. If a ringer is topped by another quoit, that quoit will be considered null and the top quoit awarded 2 pts. Unless that ringer is removed by an ensuing throw.  In that case the first ringer is re-established and therefore valid  No further single point scoring is allowed unless it is a double ringer topping the first one counting 4 points.

  11. All matches are to 21 pts. With a margin of 2 pts. For a victory. Matches will continue until a winner is determined by that 2 pt. Margin

  12. Match pairings will be determined by random drawing and paired by average with the highest and lowest making up a team. The teams are responsible for the accuracy of the scoresheets. One side should use the peg scorers and the other end should fill in the scoresheet.

  13. A quoit is deemed countable if it is within one ringed quoit of the hub. The quoit must break the plane of the leading edge of the ringed quoit.

  14. All wagers will be recorded with the scorer before the match begins and the scorer is responsible for awarding the winners

  15. If a player throws out of turn, that quoit is considered void. It is to be removed from the playing surface and play continued in the proper sequence.

  16. Players should not advance beyond half court during a match.  

  17. All matches should have a scorer participating in a match. The other end should use the peg scorer.

  18. If no quoits are in play after 4 throws the next round of throws are then played at the usual point value. (no doubling)

  19. If a quoit is thrown and strikes the wooden perimeter and goes back in play, it is considered dead and must be removed from play.

  20. If a player crosses the hub line with his back foot before releasing his throw, that quoit is null and is to be removed from play.

  21. Use of foul language will not be tolerated.

  22. There is no rule against the use of she quoits.





Walter Lukasewycz
Colonial Quoit Web Designer
revised 4/23/05